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Marsa junction project bang on schedule – four flyover structures completed

Infrastructure Malta has said that the its largest project – the construction of a new junction in Marsa with a 70 million Euro investment, has continued on schedule. In recent days the four flyover structures have been completed and work has now begun on the ramps and roads leading to them.

In a visit to the workplace, the CEO of Infrastructure Malta explained that unless difficulties arise, the seven flyovers will be open to traffic by June and the entire project will be completed by the end of the year. .

The challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic have so far not hindered the work schedule of the new junction project in Marsa. After Infrastructure Malta opened the first three flyovers at the end of last year, this year contractors continued to replace beams, columns and decks on the four other flyovers. The Chief Executive of Infrastructure Malta, Fredrick Azzopardi, explained that the structures of these four flyovers are now complete.

“The flyover structures are ready. Only the roads leading to the flyovers and ramps are left. We are on target – i.e. what we planned we have executed and we are still in time to complete the flyovers which will be open by the end of June. That was the original plan and we have stuck to it. I can also say that we have completed several reservoirs, which will have a large water storage 1.5 million litres. This is not just a structural project, it has various landscapes so it’s important that you always have a consant supply. ”

Engineer Azzopardi explained that at the moment the foundations of two pedestrian bridges, which will form part of the walkways, were being laid. These will combine various facilities, including: eight bus stops, two park & amp areas; ride and routes to workplaces in industrial areas, the Marsa Sports Ground and the Addolorata Cemetery.

In the meantime, following talks between Infrastructure Malta and the Bicycle Advocacy Group, plans have been revised and a tunnel is being added to the Marsa project to further facilitate walking and bicycle travel between the areas of Paola and Marsa and Qormi. The tunnel for cyclists and hikers will open by the end of the year, in addition to more than one kilometre of bike lanes that Infrastructure Malta is building as part of this project.

Asked about the challenges of working at this time, the Chief Executive of Infrastructure Malta said that the contractors had been asked to put in place several precautionary measures.

“We are talking to all contractors, not just on this project but on all projects, to make sure that the workers comply with the regulations that the health department is issuing; even as far as hygiene we ensure the workers are following all regulations issued by the health authorities. ”

He also explained that fewer cars on the road was making it easier and speeding up the pace of work on certain projects, including those that require major road closures.