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Marsa stables where migrants were discovered living, cleared up

The day after the Planning Authority carried out an enforcement action on stables in Marsa which were home to dozens of immigrants, these were cleaned and cleared up by their owners. Meanwhile, TVM is informed that the 37 migrants who were taken to the Police depot during the enforcement action have all been discharged since it transpired that they were in possession of a residency permit. Also released was a Maltese woman allegedly involved in a prostitution ring.

The day enforcement the enforcement operation at the Marsa stables that were illegally being used as residences for immigrants, once the stables were emptied they were cleared by of mattresses and other items in order that they be used for the purposes for which they are intended – i.e animals and not people.

Hours after the Planning Authority operation the owners of the premises were ordered to clean up the place as ordered. Freezers, cookers and mattresses were migrants slept were disposed of.

Although it is not yet known whether the Authority will take steps against the stable owners, sources who spoke to TVM said the police will only take action if the owners do not pay the fines and bring themselves in line within the time frame given by the Planning Authority.

The ‘rooms’ where the migrants ate and sleep were described as inhuman. An average of 12 people were cohabiting in a 20 square metre space.

Marsa mayor, Josef Azzopardi, described the situation as unacceptable. “It is disturbing to see a human or humans living in a stable that is meant for horses, and let’s call a spade a space – in abject poverty. I appeal to NGOs, this has been going on for many years and we have long insisted that this is no way to live. This is not dignified.”

Meanwhile, the mayor complained that the bulky waste which has emerged from the stables in the last 24 hours would come at a cost to the Local Council.

“After the eviction notices, we immediately saw that the waste in this area increased. Beds increased, mattresses were disposed of randomly in the area and this is not acceptable. At the same time we end cleaning what is being thrown out by the owners and this is not fair on us.’

This was the second case in recent years where migrants were found to be living in inhuman conditions, in places meant for animals and for people.

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