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Marthese Portelli no longer an MP

Nationalist MP Marthese Portelli has resigned from her post as a Member of Parliament. Dr Portelli announced her resignation on social media, stating she had informed the Speaker of the House of her decision.

“Politics should only be used to enlarge the common good. I augur wholeheartedly to anyone entering politics to do so only to do good,” Dr Portelli stated.

Dr Portelli wished MPs profitable work in the best interests of the Maltese and Gozitans, and urged them to work only towards what is right and in the country’s best interests “through politics of persuasion rather than politics of confrontation and abuse.”

Dr Portelli added she would continue to treasure her seven years of Parliamentary duties, during which she made over 300 proposals in various sectors.

Dr Portelli thanked Opposition leader Adrian Delia and former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil for the confidence they had always shown in her, as well as her colleagues on both sides of the House and the public who had elected her.

Marthese Portelli, 43, was elected to Parliament for the first time in 2013. In the last general election she was elected from two districts: the ninth and thirteenth district. She had given up her seat in the thirteenth district and now her seat will be filled through a by election in the ninth district.

Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia thanked her for her contribution to politics and urged her to keep contributing to the Party and the country.


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