MATSEC apologises to students for insensitive and inappropriate exam question

The MATSEC Board has apologized for asking students to translate an excerpt taken from a father’s suicide note during the Arabic O Level examination.

The exam was held on the 15th of June and the students who took the exam were between 15 and 16 years old.

The question was shared all over social media, with many claiming to be shocked and disappointed with the choice of this passage.

In a statement, MATSEC said it regrets the choice of text that students were asked to translate because of the sensitivity of the subject. It gave assurance, that the members who drafted the paper were chosen because of their knowledge and expertise in the subject and experience in the sector. and that in designing the paper the examiners ensured that the examination was in line with the syllabus and the different abilities of the students.

MATSEC concluded that while it had a system of review to avoid such situations, it nevertheless claimed that errors of judgment could occur as had happened in this case.