Foreign Affairs
Matteo Salvini to undergo trial by Jury for abuse of powers and preventing a boat of immigrants to land in Italy

An Italian Court has decided there is enough evidence for extreme Right Wing Leader Matteo Salvini to be indicted for abuse of his powers and for having prevented a boatload of immigrants from entering Italy in 2019.

A Sicilian Court in Palermo said his Jury hearing will commence on 15th September.

The Head of the Lega Party, who at the time was the Minister for Internal Affairs, is accused of having prevented a boat of immigrants be allowed to land in Lampedusa after they were rescued by the Spanish NGO vessel, Open Arms.

For six successive days Salvini had prevented the 147 African immigrants on board be allowed to land while their condition continued to deteriorate. In a tweet, Matteo Salvini said it is the sacred duty of every citizen to safeguard their country.