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May defers tomorrow’s vote on Brexit agreement

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced this afternoon in the House of Commons that she is deferring the scheduled vote for tomorrow on the Brexit agreement with the hope of re-negotiations with the European Union.

Theresa May declared “it is clear that while there is broad support for many of the key aspects of the deal, on one issue, the Northern Ireland backstop, there remains widespread and deep concern. We will therefore defer the vote schedule for tomorrow and not proceed to divide the house at this time”.

European leaders were scheduled to meet next Thursday in Brussels, however European Commission spokesperson, Mina Andreeva, said that the European block will not resume negotiations on an already reached agreement.

Indications were already evident that the agreement on Brexit between May’s government and the EU will not be approved in a parliamentary vote. The situation was further complicated as the European Court of Justice declared that the United Kingdom may cancel the Brexit process, even without the permission of the EU’s 27 member states.

Meanwhile, the political uncertainty has led the pound Sterling to plummet further in its value, as doubts are increasing on whether Prime Minister May will avoid the fall of her government.

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