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May wins confidence vote – says she will continue to work to take UK out of EU

The British Government led by Theresa May narrowly won a confidence vote taken at the House of Commons, after a no-confidence motion was presented by the Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

This vote followed the historic vote against her Brexit deal which she lost by 230 votes. However, in the confidence vote held yesterday, May’s Government won 325 votes in favour and 306 votes against.

Meanwhile, in the opening debate before the vote was taken, Theresa May said that she would continue to work to take the UK out of the EU, and will do this even it means the process will be lengthened by various months. She said that she would listen to the views of the MPs.

During the debate on his no-confidence motion, Corbyn described the Government of Theresa May as a Zombie Government which cannot manage the country. For this reason, he was calling for the country to go for an early election.

He said that following the greatest Parliamentary loss ever, when 230 voted against the Brexit deal, the Conservative party could no longer govern:

“This government has failed our country. It cannot govern, cannot command the support of most people facing the most important issue at the moment which is Brexit – they failed again and lost a vote last night. Isn’t it the case Mr Speaker that with every other previous prime minister faced with the scale of defeat last night, they would have resigned and the country would be able to choose the government that they want.”

PM May said that at this crucial moment for the UK, an election would not solve the Brexit issues.

“I believe that if we fail to deliver on what the British people instructed us to do in the vote of the referendum that the views of the British people of this house, of Parliament and of politicians will be at an all-time low because they will have lost they will have lost faith in politicians across the whole of this parliament.”

She said that the way forward for the UK to avoid leaving Europe without a deal and to avoid the economic consequences which this would bring with it was to come to reach an agreement with the EU.

“There are actually two ways of avoiding no-deal – the first is to agre one a deal and the second would be to revoke Article 50. Now, that would mean staying in the European Union, failing to respect the result of the referendum, and that is something that this Government will not do.”

Theresa May last month had already managed to win a no-confidence motion which was presented by her own Conservative party.