Mayo Clinic CEO Prof Gianrico Farrugia receives Honoris Causa from University of Malta

The University of Malta has awarded the Honoris Causa doctorate degree to five persons for their work and dedication in their respective fields. In a ceremony at the Jesuit Church, the President and Chief Executive of Mayo Clinic, Professor Gianrico Farrugia, was awarded the Doctorate of Science and Cardinal Mario Grech received the Doctorate of Philosophy.

Cardinal Mario Grech received the Honoris Causa Doctorate of Philosophy for his style in leading the Church, for promoting a civic and just life, for the service of the Church to humanity, for human pastoral vision and its work to foster a culture of dialogue.

“I feel that I did not deserve it because although I appreciate it very much, what I did, I did together with many others, and as I already said, I accepted this doctorate also on behalf of the Church, because I felt that today the Our university has recognised the local Church, “said Cardinal Grech.

The University of Malta awarded an Honoris Causa Doctorate of Science to Professor Gianrico Farrugia, President and Chief Executive of Mayo Clinic. He received this award for his patient-focused leadership and his work that has placed Mayo Clinlic at the forefront of healthcare and medical research globally.

“I tell you, first of all, I am really honoured that I was awarded the Honoris Causa Degree. It reflects all the work, not mine, but the whole of Mayo Clinic; 73,000 employees. We serve 140 countries and we are lucky to have seen quite a few Maltese patients, including quite a few doctors who have trained at Mayo Clinic and spent their lives with us. I am truly grateful to have the honour to be here representing all of them,” qal Prof. Farrugia.

At the ceremony at the Jesuit Church in Valletta, Angela Callus, Sr. Joan Garner, Monsignor Victor Grech and Father Dionysius Mintoff received the Honoris Causa award.

Angela Callus was awarded this honor for her commitment to women’s rights and their social welfare, among others. Sr Joan Garner was recognized for her commitment to defending women victims of violence and their children.

Monsignor Victor Grech was awarded this honor for his longstanding service and dedication and commitment to the good of Maltese society, and Father Dionysius Mintoff for his energy, his knowledge as a broadcaster and the establishment of the Pope John XXIII Laboratory of Peace, among others.