UPDATED: Mayor Alfred Zammit’s car set on fire

The car belonging to the Mayor of Valletta,  Alfred Zammit, was set on fire last night, in what is being described as an act of vandalism.

The Police told TVM that at around midnight they were called for assistance in South Street because a car was on fire. The fire also caused damage to other vehicles.

Recently, Mr Zammit had spoken out against the arson being committed on a regular basis on people’s vehicles in Valletta.

In a statement, the Local Councils Association condemned this act of vandalism and expressed solidarity with Mr Zammit. It said that it is confident that police investigations will lead to catching those who are responsible.

The association has appealed to residents to continue supporting their councillors so that they can work together for a better quality of life in the community.

In another reaction, the Labour Party’s Councillors Section also condemned the act of vandalism. The President of this section, Mario Fava said that acts like these are deplorable.

The PL’s Councillors Section has augured that the Police investigations will lead to justice for Mr Zammit and society in general and that these type of acts should not be tolerated.

In a statement, the Nationalist Party through its spokesperson for Local Councils and Communities, Karl Gouder, also deplored this act and urged for justice.