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Mayor held responsible after woman falls into hole

The Mayor of Swieqi has been held responsible for an accident in which a woman fell into a hole and sustained injuries, and the Local Council has been ordered to pay the woman the sum of 10,000 euro in compensation.

Carmen Micallef instituted the case in the Court of Magistrates against Noel Muscat as Mayor of Swieqi and against the Transport Authority, holding them responsible for the accident which occurred on 15 December 2015.

Micallef stated that she had been walking along Triq Joseph Kalleja, and as it was raining at the time she had not noticed the hole and fell into it. She tried to get up but fell again and became unconscious.

The woman explained that she had to be taken to hospital, where she was operated on and spent five days. She ended up also having to use up all her leave in order to recover, and also had to engage the services of a maid to help her.

Swieqi Local Council countered by arguing that the road was the Government’s responsibility, and insisted that the Transport Authority had never instructed the Council to build the road.

The Transport Authority argued that the road in question is not an arterial or distributor road, and the Council was therefore responsible for it.

After hearing all parties involved in the case, Magistrate Rachel Montebello concluded that the road is residential and thus falls within the responsibility of the Council.

The Magistrate reiterated she expected it would be up to the Council to eliminate any dangers in the roads falling under its responsibility, something which it had failed to do in this case.

For this reason, the Court ordered the Local Council to pay the abovementioned amount in compensation to the woman for the injuries she had sustained.