MCAST insists lecturers are qualified to teach at Masters’ level

MCAST has replied to the criticism directed at it in Parliament,  insisting that its lecturers are qualified to teach courses at Masters’ level.

In a statement ,MCAST said that this development, which should have been celebrated, has ended up being at the centre of unjust criticism. It said that the fact that MCAST now has the possibility of offering degrees at Level 7, which is the equivalent to a Masters, is an important development for vocational education in the country. This was a natural development of the work which had been done by previous administrations to bring MCAST to the point it had reached to date.

It was pointed out that MCAST was accredited to teach up to Level 6 by the previous administration in 2012. The Legal Notice had been amended so that MCAST would be accredited to teach courses at Level 7.

MCAST stressed that it had the necessary structures to offer this course and would be doing so with great attention and professionalism. Where necessary, this was going to be done in partnership with other universities. Having said that, MCAST is proud to have staff which is well-prepared and qualified to offer courses at this level. The College has a strong, healthy system of quality assurance which sets an example for the higher educational sector in this country.  Like all the other public institutions which offer higher education courses, MCAST had passed through an extensive external audit carried out by the Commission for Higher Education which went into great detail to analyze how MCAST operates, particularly its system of quality assurance.

MCAST said that it was eagerly awaiting the publication of this audit, which was carried out  in conjunction with independent foreign experts, so that the reality of the great strides in quality assurance which were made by MCAST over the past few years, would be made public.

All this clearly showed that the College was well-prepared to offer courses at this level while it would continue to strengthen all the other courses it offered at other levels.

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