Medical Association warns of industrial action because of mass activities

The Medical Association is asking for mass activities of more than ten people not to be allowed and for health facilities to go back to a national health emergency as they were between March and June.

The MAM has announced that it has given directives to its members who are vulnerable to only do administrative work or else work from home, and for its other members to help with their work so that the patients can receive the treatment they need.

It also warned, however that if the situation does not change by Monday 3 August, it will be giving directives to its members to only carry out emergency work.

It said that it reserves the right to take legal action against those who with their decisions and their omissions place the lives of health professionals at risk.

In the same statement, the MAM alleged that there is interference by the Office of the Prime Minister in the work of the Health Superintendence, with the consequence that it was announced that the public health emergency had passed, when this was not the case,  and when mitigation measures were removed or were not enforced with fines.

It said that the PM made statements in which he urged people not to observe the measures recommended by the Superintendent of Public Health, while the Tourism Authority is promoting mass events.

Earlier, the Doctors’ Association of Malta also appealed for mass events to be stopped.

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