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Medical Association of Malta warns of industrial actions if MSC Opera is allowed to enter Malta

The President of the Medical Association of Malta, Dr Martin Balzan, has warned of possible industrial actions if the passenger liner MSC Opera is allowed to enter Grand Harbour despite concerns about the coronavirus.

The liner, which is presently at sea in the Eastern Mediterranean, has not reported any cases of Covid-19 onboard but has started voluntary quarantine after a former passenger, an Austrian national who had been on the same vessel between 17 and 28 February, tested positive for Covid-19 three days ago. Before testing positive, the passenger had disembarked at Genoa and had then travelled to Austria.

In a comment to TVM, Dr Balzan stated that there is a big risk, and in the event one of the workers on the cruise liner who had been in contact with the passenger tests positive for the virus and this results in an epidemic, Malta does not have enough resources to test or provide shelter for the 2,302 persons on board.  Dr Balzan added that the authorities should give absolute priority to the health aspect instead of the economy.