Meet the man who builds castles on the sand

He is 40 years old and for the last seven years has been traveling from country to country, building sand castles and living in a tent. Peter Havel from the Czech Republic said that for him this is the optimum lifestyle, because despite not having any money in his pocket, he is happy. Artist Peter Havel is currently in Malta, and has found refuge at Ghadira Bay.

All he owns is a bike, a tent, and a few tools to create his art. Peter Havel decided to start living a nomadic life seven years ago, having spent the last 3 years on a beach in Alicante in Spain, building sand castles. The fact that the elements of nature can destroy everything he builds and that he can suffer hunger, cold or extreme heat, is not a problem for him.

“For me it’s normal, I like this life, it’s free. The wind is the problem, but for the rain, the tent is good.”

Peter also lived in France and has been in Malta for two weeks, building beautiful sand castles and living off the donations he receives.

“It’s my hobby, my work, and people like it also and it’s very nice.”

Peter said that building a sandcastle takes him several days.

“The castle normally I make in seven or 10 days.”

Peter takes life as it comes. Once he manages to accumulate enough money from donations he then travels to another place. We asked him whether he was planning on living like a nomad for the rest of his life.

”Maybe I’ll buy a small van and travel by van and live in van, and drive around the world.”

Peter said that the key to happiness is not to attach importance to material things and that the secret to a happy life was simplicity and allowing the universe to take you in the direction it wants to.