Meghan Markle denies bullying claims by palace aides

A few days away from the long-awaited Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, in which they are expected to talk about why they have put a stop their royal roles, new news is now swirling.

The Royal Family has issued a statement saying it was concerned and was investigating allegations of bullying by Meghan Markle against palace workers. Citing anonymous sources, The Times said that one of the couple’s former assistants had filed a complaint in October 2018, about a bullying incident which led to both assistants being forced to terminate their employment. Apparently, at the time, Markle was living in Kensington Palace where she bullied and reduced some workers to tears.

Through her spokesperson, Markle said she was saddened by the news, which she also denied. The spokesperson went on to say that this misleading news, which was intended to cause harm, had been timed to coincide with the interview in which they will speak openly and honestly about their experience in recent years.

The spokesperson went on to say that the Duchess was saddened and disturbed by this latest attack on her particularly because she herself was the target of bullying, and despite being a victim of bullying she was committed to supporting those who had experienced the trauma and pain of bullying. She went on to say that Meghan Markle was committed to continuing her work to create compassion around the world, setting an example by doing what is right.