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Melita inaugurates data centre through €20m investment

Telecommunications company Melita has launched a new data centre as well as an Internet of Things platform. Through this technology, a number of items in the home can be connected to the internet and can then be controlled from the mobile or other equipment.

This investment totals some 20 million euro. During the launch, Parliamentary Secretary for the Digital Economy Silvio Schembri tated that as a result of this investment, Melita will continue to strengthen the telecommunications industry in Malta.

This new data processing centre is equipped with recovery facilities and will be of benefit to different clients, including businesses.

Melita Chief Executive Harald Roesch stated that the investment by the company has a positive impact on the Maltese economy, which is helped by telecommunications services considered among the strongest in Europe.

Melita’s Head of Technology Simon Montanaro told TVM that the company had also invested in mobile technology which allows control of various types of equipment through connection with the internet.

“Through this platform, any business and consumer can access connectivity through a mobile sim which can be made a device of choice, and this device can be used both in Malta and abroad. This is presently being used with waste bins to indicate  whether the bins are full, and we are looking at solutions in the health sector to keep tabs on people’s health.”

Parliamentary Secretary Schembri stated that investments like Melita’s are closely linked with Government’s digital strategy to attract foreign investment.

“Companies would not be able to operate without this infrastructure, and it is, therefore, important to have a private sector which invests to continue to make the infrastructure attractive to these investors. We are looking at a 20 million euro investment to provide a high-level data centre.”

As a result of this expansion in its operation, Melita has one of the strongest networks in Europe, with gigabyte internet technology and 4.5G mobile networks.


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