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Men who try to improve their physique are ending up infertile

Scientists have found that efforts being made by men to improve their physique are causing fertility problems. A recent study has revealed that the more steroids taken for body-building, or medications to avoid hair loss, the greater the risk of males ending up infertile.

Dr James Mossman reached this conclusion in the course of a doctorate at Sheffield. Dr Mossman told the BBC that men are aiming for perfection, but in reality they are not helping human evolution, as they are damaging the sperm.

Together with Professor Allan Pacey from Sheffield University, Dr Mossman discovered that steroids taken for muscle growth are affecting male testicular hormones.

Mossman and Pacey are also of the opinion that medication to prevent hair loss in men has the same effects as steroids. This because it also has repercussions on fertility, leading to impotence.

Dr Mossman suspects it is only those who do everything to attract the opposite sex who are destroying fertility. For this reason, scientists argue that evolution will be successful if human DNA is inherited properly from one generation to the next.


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