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Mental Health Commissioner warns that depression cannot be cured in minutes

An advertisement by a religious sect, claiming they can cure depression in just three minutes, has become a subject for discussion. In light of various campaigns aimed at raising awareness on depression, many have been upset by this advertisement.

As a result, the Office of the Commissioner for Mental Health has issued a statement, saying that depression is not an illness which can be cured in a matter of minutes. The Commissioner advises persons to seek advice and services from registered and recognised entities in the mental health sector, and from licenced professionals who are authorised to offer these services. Services offered by entities or individuals not licenced or authorised to perform these services can be detrimental rather than beneficial to vulnerable persons, particularly if the services are presented as “quick and free cures.”

According to the World Health Organisation, there are various forms of depression, but common characteristics are sadness, loss of interest in previously enjoyed subjects, problems with sleeping, tiredness, problems with concentration, and a change in appetite.

Depression can also be the result of circumstances a person is going through or has gone through, like social problems or problems relating to health or work. Unfortunately, as this condition cannot be measured in a visible way, as through blood tests or similar, the affected person or the immediate company might not realise the existence of a situation which needs treatment.  Others realise they need help but don’t know where to look for it, and many try through the internet or social media. Whilst some information can be useful towards taking the first steps to seek assistance, not everything found on social media is either true or scientifically correct.


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