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MEUSAC with 400 training sessions, activities and public consultations on the EU and European funds

During 2019 MEUSAC organised 34 public activities and consultation meetings, as well as 39 sessions about the European Union for children and students.

Five training sessions were also held, as well as 300 personalised meetings with NGOs, Local Councils and government entities about the process of applications for European funds.

As a result, 95 applications were submitted for different projects in various sectors, including education, infrastructure within communities, and improvements to the environment.

This emerges from the agency’s annual report for 2019, which was tabled in Parliament by the Minister within the Prime Minister’s Office, Carmelo Abela, who is responsible for MEUSAC.

The report also highlights the work of MEUSAC staff members to deliver correct and factual information about the EU, the rights and obligations of Malta as a member state, as well as those of Maltese citizens as citizens of the EU.

Minister Carmelo Abela said in a statement he recognises the positive and effective work carried out by MEUSAC with various partners in society, which he described as unique within the EU, as no agency exists in any country which serves as a one-stop-shop where citizens find information and assistance about their rights and obligations within the EU, make their voices heard about what stand Malta should take on laws which affect it, and last but not least, find out how to benefit in a concrete manner from European funds.

The annual report includes the work of the Europe Direct Centre run by MEUSAC in Malta to offer information services about the EU.

Much of the work by MEUSAC and the Europe Direct Centre over the past year was focused on the European Parliament elections held in May 2019. The same year witnessed the 15th anniversary of Malta’s membership of the EU.

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