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Mexico announces measures to control influx of migrants in the U.S.

Mexico has accepted to take measures to control the great number of Mexican migrants entering the United States, and that it will not be burdened with the trade taxes with which American President Trump was threatening to impose.

Trump, who revealed the agreement with Mexico, said he will suspended the tariffs indefinitely. He had threatened to raise the tariffs from five to twenty five per cent by next October if the Mexican authorities do not take drastic measures to control their citizens from entering the U.S.

The agreement, confirmed by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, followed days of negotiations with the U.S. It was agreed in a joint declaration that Mexico will send its national guards, mostly concentrated on its border with the United States from Monday.

On its part, the U.S. promised to expand the programme for the relocation of Mexican refugees back to their country, while they are waiting to be given asylum or not.

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