MHRA welcomes news of reopening of restaurants, appeals for evening service to be allowed

The MHRA welcomed the news of the gradual reopening of restaurants. The MHRA said in a statement that this news ends various speculations, which only create uncertainty.

The statement adds that the MHRA believes the conditions announced will not greatly help the majority of restaurants to ensure they remain sustainable.

Whilst welcoming the news of the date set for the reopening of restaurants, MHRA President Tony Zahra said the opening for lunch service only will not help the majority of restaurants. He added that many owners will remain under pressure, and appealed to the Government to allow restaurants to offer evening service.

The MHRA further stated it supports in principle the safeguarding of lives, but reiterated that restaurants are paying a high price. It added that restaurants depend mainly on evening meals, and it is not viable for various restaurants to open for lunch service only.