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Not only Covid spreading right now but the risk of syphilis on fertility

Health experts are highly concerned that over and above the risk of the Covid spread, the last weeks have seen a sharp rise in sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis and particularly among men.

This seems to be the result of what have become known as “sex feasts” for groups of male youngsters who participate in sexual activities without using a contraceptive.

Dr Philip Sciortino told TVM that activities such as these can lead to the contracting of syphilis and other diseases which are not curable and these cause great risks on fertility.

In recent weeks the GU Clinic at Mater Dei Hospital has seen a strong increase of sexually transmitted diseases.

Indications are these are resulting from these “sex feasts” and developing symptoms related to syphilis, a disease that spreads through the bones, the muscles and the brain and then these resort to the GU Clinic.

Dr Philip Sciortino aid such activities are carrying great risks.

He appealed for caution, primarily because of the great Covid infection risks, followed, without making a moral judgement, by an increased risk of contracting infection particularly when having sexual activities with a number of people, many of which may not be personally known to the eventual victim but are people who practice this same lifestyle. Such infections may cause infertility in the victim and cause health risks and the infections may not be curable. In addition there is also the impact of drug taking as an addiction and may lead to unsafe driving and other perils.

The GU Clinic Consultant, Dr Valeska Padovese, has been quoted as expressing concern about such sexual activities. She said these “feasts” are mainly composed of a group of ten to 15 Maltese and foreign men and these carry out sexual activities without using contraceptives.

In a joint statement five organisations that safeguard the LGBTIQ community, including MGRM, said they understand that Covid has caused a great impact on the gay community and appealed for great caution regarding the spread of both Covid and sexually transmitted diseases. They urged that sexually active persons should frequently undergo tests and practice safe sex.