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Three accused of Fgura bomb case denied bail

Paul Farrugia of Xgħajra, Jonathan Farrugia from Birzebbuġa and Lorenzo Callus from Qrendi, who are charged with the attempted murders of Mario Scicluna and Elaine Galdes, have been detained under arrest after Court turned down their request for bail.

They are charged that on 4th January they placed a bomb under Scicluna’s car at Fgura but the bomb did not detonate.

Callus is also accused of having carried an unlicenced firearm and of being in possession of drugs.

Jonathan Farrugia is also being accused of drugs trafficking while in a separate charge, Paul Farrugia is accused with being in possession of a quantity of contraband cigarettes.

The request by their defence lawyers for bail was denied by Court on the grounds of the seriousness of accusations and because of their past conduct.