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Micro plastics in our drinking water are not dangerous

The presence of micro plastics in our drinking water is not a detriment to our health. This was stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in a report which has reassured the public that these plastics do not cause harm to people’s health.

According to the report, large particles, and most micro plastics are not absorbed by the body.

However, the report said that this is based on limited information and therefore more research is needed.

WHO said that it is concerned by the fact that in some countries, the water which is consumed is not purified enough to destroy all the traces of man’s waste and some chemicals.

When the water is treated as it should, apart from removing all traces of what can cause harm to man’s health, 90% of micro plastics are also eliminated.

Apart from all this, WHO has urged consumers to recycle and reduce the use of plastics because of environmental issues.

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