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Mifsud’s victim recounts she was unaware whether he was going to kill or rape her

Anna Karsbjer recounted in Court how she thought that Frederick Mifsud was about to kill or rape her when he assaulted her while she was sun bathing on in Valletta.

The case goes back to the 28th August when Karsbjer, who was speaking with her father on her mobile, stopped to tell Mifsud who was near her, to keep social distance.

She tearfully recalled before Magistrate Nadine Lia that the man suddenly jumped on her, grabbed by her hair and banged her head against the rocks while she felt blood on her face. She recounted how she tried to escape however not until the aggressor suddenly ended his assault and left the place.

Karsbjer stated that she is still traumatized despite the therapy and treatment she received in hospital. She also went to a private hospital where doctors told her she had nose fractures and that her injuries might affect her eyesight.

The female youth was admitted in hospital for treatment after she requested assistance from some persons and was escorted by Police.

Asked by defence lawyers, Marion Camilleri and Franco Debono, about the tone she used when she spoke with the accused or whether she knew if the aggressor understands English, Karsbjer replied that everyone is aware of the Covid-19 context.

During police interrogation, Mifsud admitted that he attacked Karsbjer.

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