One million euro gathered from citation fines to be used for Local Council enhancement projects

Twenty Local Councils and Local Council Associations are to receive between them more than €1 million from the fund of citations inflicted and gathered by the Agency, LESA. Details were given by Minister Byron Camilleri in an activity that detailed the projects to benefit from this fund.

Among others, Gozo is to benefit by pedal cycles that will be distributed in every locality to be used by youths; Local Councils in Lija, Kalkara and Fgura will purchase electricity-powered vans; two open spaces are to be regenerated at Ġnien Lorry Sant in Paola and Joanne Gardens at Tarxien, where the first activity was held.

A part of the citation fines gathered by LESA will be given to Local Councils to enhance their localities through investment. The Minister for Internal Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement, said that 21 projects proposed by Local Councils have been chosen to be helped by this fund.

The projects approved vary from environmental embellishment and open spaces as well as methods of surveillance and security, heritage safeguarding and projects that encourage use of cleaner transport through electric-driven vehicles.

Minister Byron Camilleri said that although citation fines serve as a deterrent, it is not the Government’s intention to castigate people and therefore the money is being used for community projects. Local Councils had been invited to forward their proposals under specified guidelines.

The LESA Head Executive, Svetlick Flores, said that on average 25,000 citations are issued monthly and these emanate from driving irregularities and environmental infringements. He said these are throughout all localities and no distinctions are made between one locality and another.

The President for the Association of Local Councils, Mario Fava, said the aim of the projects selected is to improve the quality of life for the community.

He said Local Councils do not have specific funds and thus the agreement with LESA is providing €1 million to be invested in projects aimed at improvements for the quality of life for communities.

The agreement covers a period of three years.