Millions of buried minks in Denmark may be removed due to their decomposed state

In Denmark, two localities in which some 17 million minks are being buried due to the finding that they had coronavirus mutation that infects humans,
have now ended up as a source of strong controversy in the country.

Minks, an animal species similar to ferret which are bred and killed for their skin and fur, were burried in two localities in Jutland, one close to a big lake where people swim and the other near a drinking water source.

The situation worsened when some carcasses of minks started emerging on the surface due to great amount of gases they produced during their decomposition.

The decision on the killing and mass burials at these places was described as illegal and also led to the resignation of the Agriculture Minister.

Opposition deputies are now demanding that the minks are taken out of their burial place and incinerated to reduce the risk for public health. Another alternative being considered is that they are placed in compost recipients.

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