Mini u Griż together on Serataron!

You will definitely be enjoying a good laugh this week!

Singer Phyllisienne Brincat, actor Carlos Farrugia and comedian Toni Busuttil, a great friend of Ron, will be joining Ron and Jacqui Losco on this week’s Serataron.

And there will also be several special guests, some of whom will sing whilst others will try and take Jacqui’s place. Besides, rumour has it that Fonzu l-Fenek will also make an appearance. Carlos will tell all about what happened on one occasion during a passion play, and Toni will share his experience when he was a pantomime dame in a panto for the first time ever.

The programme will also include the usual contribution by Marielè and Steve Delia d-Delli. A celebratory atmosphere thanks to the Ronnies, and the usual games, including the Story that Cannot Be Told!

Serataron, the obvious choice for Friday evening – tonight at 8.50 p.m. on TVM.