Minister Abela meets with youth organizations and encourages them to make their voices heard

The Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela, said he would like to see the strengthening of youth activism in democratic life as part of the country’s social dialogue.

Minister Abela said that while he was satisfied with the ongoing work in terms of formal social dialogue between the government, the workers’ representatives and the employers there was room for the success of youngsters who too could contribute toward the future of the country.

This was stated during a meeting with representatives from the youth organizations JEF and MaltMun. At this meeting, these organizations spoke about the help they have received from MEUSAC to carry out their projects in the field of youth activism with debates on topics of a national, European and global nature.

The two organizations discussed with the minister, the political documents they had formulated in their projects to strengthen the skills of young people when it comes to decision-making and opinion building on issues such as democracy and apathy among communities of young Europeans.

The Minister mentioned how this government believed in young people and that they therefore should take an interest in the decisions that are made, as these decisions would affect their future. Moreover, in 2018, the government had amended the Constitution to revise the voting age and Malta became the second country in the European Union to reduce the voting age for national and European parliamentary elections to 16.

Minister Abela urged young people not to let COVID stop them from dreaming and staying active in society. He went on to say that through technology they could still be creative and keep making their voices heard.