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Minister Evarist Bartolo in talks with President of High Council of State of Libya

The President of the High Council of the State of Libya, Khaled al-Mishri, arrived in Malta today for talks with Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Evarist Bartolo. The meeting is being held in the spirit of resolution 2510 of the United Nations, for Libya’ neighbouring countries to contribute towards peace, sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and unity in Libya.

Al-Mishri has been heading the High Council of State in Libya since 2018, which council advises the Government of National Accord recognised by the United Nations.

During the meeting, Minister Bartolo reiterated his appeal to all parties to respect and observe the cease-fire agreement and to continue with the process of development and set up resilient institutions of the Libyan State to safeguard the interests of citizens in a united Libya and in Libyan hands.

Minister Bartolo further stated that any initiatives for peace should be taken within the framework and conducted in the same direction of the United Nations and Berlin process, as any initiative extraneous to this can disrupt more than help.

In this context, Minister Bartolo augured that all efforts being carried out by different sectors will bear fruit and lead to stability and the end of much suffering endured by the Libyan people – two essential elements for the economy to recover and for the wealth with which the Libyan State is endowed to start being enjoyed by the Libyans themselves.