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Minister Fearne explains measures taken against Covid-19

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister, Chris Fearne, gave an account of the precautionary measures taken by the health authorities against the Coronavirus, while reiterating that until now Malta has no case of Covid-19.

Speaking in a parliamentary statement, Minister Fearne said that the Maltese authorities took the precautions of containment during which screening is carried out night and day at the airport and cruise liner terminal.

He added that tests results are issued within two hours, while an isolation place has been identified as a quarantine with twelve beds. Dr Fearne stated that in a case with an infected person, other isolation rooms have been prepared at Mater Dei hospital, while protective clothes have been purchased and training given to persons working in the health sector.

Various opposition deputies praised the screening process at the ports and mentioned the importance of containment so that the virus does not spread.

In his replies, Minister Fearne stated that months have to pass from when a vaccine for the virus is found and be produced. He said that the European Commission approved funds for research and to reduce bureaucracy so that the vaccine is produced on a big scale. After Malta joined in a purchasing process with other countries, he said that in case of a pandemic the European Commission purchases the vaccination for all countries and distributes it to member states.

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