Minister Ian Borg on the 2021 budget – “We’re going to keep on investing in the country’s infrastructure”

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Ian Borg, said that the Government would be reinvesting in a scheme that provides free public transport to young people aged 14 to 20, all full-time students, the disabled and the elderly aged 70 and over.

He mentioned that the Government would continue to invest in alternative means of transport including walking and cycling facilities in addition to launching a SafeCycle Routes pilot project.

He said that € 4.5 million was being allocated to schemes for the scrapping of polluting vehicles, the purchase of clean vehicles, the purchase of electric vehicles, the switch from petrol to gas, the purchase of pedelecs and small motorcycles. Investment in infrastructure for electric vehicles woud continue and there would be a 35% discount on the annual circulation license fee for vehicles and motorcycles used only on weekends and public holidays.

Minister Borg said that next year the Central Link Project would continue and other projects will be started such as the junctions near the Airport and the Msida Creek Project. The construction of residential roads, greening projects and various investments in maritime infrastructure would also continue.

The Minister said “we will continue to invest in the infrastructure of our country. The infrastructure that belongs to everyone, which is not only the roads but also the maritime aspect. Its importance to reduce traffic, reduce emissions but also to have a more efficient country, both in terms of land and sea transport. ”

About the fast ferry project, Minister Borg said that he was disappointed that the process had stopped again. He said that the Government together with Transport Malta wanted to see the decision of the Public Contracts Review Board and hopes that once it follows the recommendations it has made, another call will be issued which will be closed successfully. He concluded that the Government was committed to implementing this project.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Land and Construction, Chris Agius, said that the extension of the existing schemes on the purchase and sale of property will lead to more Maltese and Gozitans becoming homeowners. He mentioned, inter alia, the first time buyers measure, the reduction on stamp duty and the reduction in property tax for property given by parents to their children by donation. Parliamentary Secretary Agius said the government was committed to continue to make the necessary changes in the field of building and construction, with the establishment of the Building and Construction Authority, the introduction of a Fund Compensation, and the regulation of the real estate agents sector.