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Minister Ian Borg urges architects to better plan spaces

Architects and others involved in building design and planning are being urged to be more innovative. During a conference which discussed new ways of how Malta can address challenges related to use of land, Minister Ian Borg urged architects and workers in the sector to better plan spaces they are faced with, and Opposition spokesperson Marthese Portelli stated that proposers of projects with sustainable innovation should be incentivised, including through processes which take up less time.

Some of the most important partners in the planning, design, building and development sectors got together in a national forum themed “Re-inventing places through innovation.”

The partners discussed and studied ways on how Malta can make better use of land for development, and how innovation in design can be used for a better and more sustainable environment.

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg stated that Government is updating its policies, including in planning, to reflect its vision for the future. Addressing the Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning (MASP) conference, Dr Borg stated that change is good, but it has to be positive change which safeguards building and people’s safety, as had been the case in changes which came into effect in summer, as well as the setting up of the Agency for Building and Construction.

The Opposition spokesperson for Planning and Property, Marthese Portelli, stated that if one has to reward sustainable innovation, a landscape policy is called for and processes for shorter applications have to be considered, as well as cheaper rates and fiscal incentives, among others. Dr Portelli added that one has to start off from the concept of permits to sensible planning which creates spaces for better living.

Dr Portelli reiterated that politicians have a big responsibility to safeguard the country’s characteristics, and it is clear that Malta has to be more innovative within its limited space.

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