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WATCH: Why visit Morocco?

One of the destinations that is becoming very popular with many Maltese is undoubtedly Morocco, a country that offers various interesting attractions.

The origin of the name comes from Marrakesh, a city in the centre in Morocco that ’ for a number of centuries was the capital city of Morocco. Historians believe the name Marrakesh is from the Berber Language that means the Land of God.

During the new programme on TVM, Buckle Up, the production team discovered more about the city of Marrakesh. This city if one of Morocco’s greatest tourist attractions.

In this city we discovered further information about the walls of Medina, a fortification built of red stone, a characteristic of this city. More information was also found about Menara, a house with a small green ceiling in a pyramid shape and its surrounding gardens.

If you wish to discover greater and more interesting information about this popular destination, you can see the programme Buckle Up once more onTVMi. Buckle Up is transmitted every Thursday at 4.15 pm..

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