From a fast pace of life to the opposite extreme – will this be beneficial?

All these developments in the health sector have resulted from a virus that has changed the daily lives of all; children have seen a stop to their scholastic year and all the connected activities, youths no longer go out for entertainment, many employees and business owners have stopped their activities and the elderly have to stay at home except for very essential errands. Many vehicles have been at a standstill for days and the airport has now become a parking space for aircraft.

Opinionist and architect Ruben Abela, believes that March has turned the life of people upside down with many believing the current state of affairs is going to have long-term effects, for many years to come.

He said the greatest change is that from a life that had become speedily fast and has suddenly veered to the opposite extreme with almost everything at a standstill. Social contact has ceased and those still attending work have made colleagues their second family. However, one has also been able to appreciate their family and to appreciate family life. More time is being spent with the children.

The price being paid for this drastic change is the number of restrictions that have come into force with announcements and directives that nobody could have possibly forecast.

Tourism has virtually disbanded in seconds as well as the scholastic year. Many retail outlets have had to close their doors, religious functions have stopped and all places of entertainment have become as silent as a cemetery.

However, there are still positive aspects for those who can appreciate them.

The fact that there are fewer vehicles on our roads and less aircraft in the skies has enabled the world to breathe a sigh of relief. This has shown us that our fast-paced life was in fact causing damage to the ecosystem and from this aspect there has been a recovery.

The economic cycle has virtually stopped and the Government has had to step in with unprecedented financial packages to prevent commercial bankruptcies and stop job losses.

Architect Abela believes this pandemic will leave its mark on history.

He also believes the mark will be that of prior to the pandemic and the aftermath of the pandemic. From an economic point of view there will be an impact for sure and the extent has yet to be seen. The impact on society will depend on every individual. The digital impact has been felt by many and many have had to learn its working to serve their needs.

Abela said his hopes are that when matters return to normal, the positive side of the pandemic will not be lost on the resumption of a fast life style.

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