Current Affairs
Miriam Dalli and Clyde Caruana to join Parliament

The Labour Parliamentary Group and the Labour Party Executive have approved the co-option of Miriam Dalli and Clyde Caruana to Parliament. They will be replacing Joseph Muscat and Etienne Grech.

In a statement issued by the Labour Party, it was announced that the Prime Minister had convened the Parliamentary Group and the Executive to discuss the co-options of Dalli and Caruana, with the statement adding that both had been approved unanimously.

Miriam Dalli is actually a member of the European Parliament and Vice-President of S&D, and Clyde Caruana is the Head of Secretariat within the Office of the Prime Minister. Mr Caruana had previously occupied the post of Executive Chairman of JobsPlus, among other posts.

These developments will pave the way for a new face for the Labour Party in the European Parliament. In the coming days, the Electoral Commission is expected to receive nominations for a casual election from among the candidates who had contested the European elections last year.