Missouri: Dog with extra tail is abandoned

A ten-week-old puppy, which was born with an extra tail, was rescued from an animal sanctuary after it was abandoned in Missouri.

Mac’Mission is a centre specifically designed for animals with special needs. They named the dog Narwhal.

As for the extra tail which is attached to its head, vets said that there is no medical reason for the tail to be removed as it is not causing the dog any pain.

Narwhal is a strong and energetic dog and can play for hours. The extra tail is around one-third the length of an actual tail. According to X-rays this tail is not connected to any other part of the dog’s body and has no use. This makes this dog very unique.

To date, Narwhal has not yet been put up for adoption until he grows a bit more and the vets can see whether the tail will keep growing.

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