Accused of attempted hold-up from Tarxien confectionery using a fake pistol

A 36-year-old man, Antonio Mangion, was detained under arrest after it was alleged he had tried to carry out a hold-up from a confectioners in Triq San Tumas in Tarxien on 5th October shortly after 8 pm and had threatened the employees with a toy pistol.

He was also accused of having detained two employees against their will and of having lightly injured one of them.

TVM is informed the man entered the shop wearing a hood and threatened two salesgirls with a black pistol and had spoken to them in Italian. He fled from the shop without having stolen anything.

The Court heard the man had been identified through CCTV leaving and entering his vehicle which was parked in the vicinity of the shop during the attempt.

Mangion entered a plea of not guilty and requested bail with his Defence claiming the man was in a fragile state and suffering from shock and that he had carried out the attempt in an unthinking state of madness. It further claimed the man did not pose a threat to society and his arrest will continue to aggravate his financial state and his drugs problem.

The Prosecution objected and contended the criminal action was a serious one and there is a risk that on release he will attempt a similar crime and in addition is familiar with the witnesses.

Magistrate Nadine Lia refused granting bail because a number of witnesses have yet to testify their versions in Court.