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Mobile App to report hatred towards LGBTI persons

With effect from next week Malta will be one of nine European countries where residents can use a mobile App to report cases of hatred towards LGBTI persons.

The App, called Uni-Form, will be available on the internet, Apple Store and Google Play in Malta, Portugal, Spain, the UK, Belgium, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

The MGRM said in a statement that this App can be used by victims, witnesses and by every other person wishing to report incidents motivated by prejudice. Anyone filing a report can opt to remain anonymous.

The reports will then end up in the hands of the national organisation which safeguards the rights of LGBTI persons, or in the hands of the Police, according to the laws of the particular country.

According to a survey carried out by the EU Agency on Fundamental Rights, 26% of LGBTI persons say they have been attacked or threatened with violence. In the case of trans persons, this figure goes up to 35%.

The project has been implemented by the ILGA organisation, and the App will be launched officially on 28 September at the European Parliament in Brussels.


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