Modern love: yes you can genuinely love more than one person

‘Popolin’ explores modern love, intimacy and relationships, whether it possible to love two different people in the same way and how easy is it to find someone who pressed all your buttons. Popolin spoke to Matthew Bartolo and Nicola Falzon, a sexologist and a psychologist.

Asked to describe love in three words, Bartolo spoke about the values ​​of respect, loyalty and sex while Falzon focused on communication, intimacy and respect. They explained that love was a very personal thing which is not felt or experienced by everyone in the same way. Matthew Bartolo stated that when he started his career he believed that it was not possible to love more than one person in the same way, but after years of experience he believes this is possible. He reiterated that there were people who without any malicious or selfish intent genuinely love two people at the same time.

Many look for everything in one and the same person, although it is difficult to do so. There are many who are attracted to different things in different people: physically and sexually attracted to one person and intellectually or emotionally attracted to another. This is the reason why a person seeks attentions outside of their intimate relationship. Although this is not the norm, no one can judge different forms of relationships. There are so-called ‘open relationships’ with the knowledge and consent of both parties,where a person has other relationships outside of their union.