Mogherini says more support will be given to humanitarian organizations

The European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security, Federica Mogherini, said that the agreement which the EU has with Libya and other countries of origin will be implemented together with the UNHCR and IOM, and with today’s decisions there will be an increase in the support given to these organizations.

Mogherini, who was attending the meeting of European Socialists Leaders at the Labour Party HQ in Hamrun, explained that the work of the EU is aimed to save the lives of people on land, in the desert and at sea, as well as to raise the standards to better manage the influx of immigrants.

“On TV we do not see people dying in the desert, but this is something that happens,” said Mogherini. “We therefore have a responsibility as Europeans to help those countries manage their human rights situation, and the dramatic situation of slavery which some immigrants are facing in the desert before they even leave their shores,”

She added that therefore, in the the decisions taken today there will be increased support to IOM and UNHCR to provide more humanity and to save mora lives.