Monte Carmeli: Alleges gloves were not changed between each swab test

A person who wished to remain anonymous has expressed her concerns after she was called to take a swab test and the person who carried out the test wore the same gloves used in carrying out the test before, instead of donning new gloves.

She told she was among a number of persons at the Monte Carmeli Hospital who were instructed to undertake a swab test after they were contact traced because of a case in recent days of a person that proved positive to Covid.

She added that in her understanding the person carrying out the testing should have paid more attention because the probability is that some of those being tested were Covid positive. She said that not even a sanitiser was used.

She explained that the person carrying out the tests had to touch the head and chin of those being tested but did not change gloves between one test and another.

She further said she had booked swab tests for her family members at the Mater Dei Swabbing Centre and observed that the person carrying out swabs changed gloves after each test.