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More details emerge in the compilation of evidence against soldiers accused of murder

The compilation of evidence continues against two young soldiers accused, inter alia, with murdering 42 year old Ivorian immigrant Lassine Cisse Souleymane on 6 April in Triq il-Gebel, Hal Far.

Testifying before Magistrate Ian Farrugia, Inspector Keith Arnaud, said that after Lorin Scicluna’s investigation was concluded, investigations in respect of Francesco Fenech commenced. Arnaud explained that Francesco Fenech had spoken to lawyer Dr Gianella DeMarco before issuing his first statement at 2.50pm on the 18th May 2019. Francesco confirmed that he had got to know Lorin from the army and said that he worked part-time at his father’s boat yard.

Inspector Arnaud said that Fenech had denied any involvement in the murder of Cisse and said that he did not know who he was. When asked whether he hated immigrants, Fenech said that he did not hate them but was against their coming to Malta. Fenech also confirmed that he had broken a bicycle belonging to an immigrant but told the police that it was the immigrant who had kicked his car which is why he had reacted. Fenech denied being with Scicluna when the latter had run over an immigrant in February, but told police that he had noticed that the Toyota had a broken windscreen and that Scicluna had told him that he had crashed into a central strip.

During police questioning, Fenech denied ever shooting cats but admitted to shooting birds. He confirmed that on the day of the crime he was at the Pastizzeria with Scicluna and they had left together, but had gone their separate ways and did not meet afterwards. Asked why his mobile phone was switched off, Fenech did not answer.

Inspector Arnaud said that the Police had spoken to a certain Dylan German, Francesco Fenech’s cousin, who confirmed that he knew both the accused. With regard to the incident, German said that he had his suspicions about who it might have been. He said that until the day of the murder he did not know Lorin Scicluna, but based on what Francesco would tell him, he suspected that Francesco was hanging around with people who were a bad influence. On the day of the crime, Francesco contacted him and Dylan told him he wanted to speak to him and to stop mixing with these people.

Dylan German told the police that he had got to know Lorin Scicluna after the crime and they would mainly talk about their passion for fire-arms. They had asked him how to burst the barrel of Lorin’s hand-gun but Dylan told them it was dangerous. He said that Francesco had told him that he was with Lorin when the migrant was killed but that it was not him (Francesco) who fired the gun.

Inspector Arnaud told the Court that when confronted with this, Francesco Fenech had denied it and even when challenged in the presence of Dylan German, Francesco Fenech persisted in his denial saying that it was far from true.

Inspector Arnaud said that the Police had also spoken to James Green, who knew the accused because he would go hunting with them. He also knew about the time that a migrant was run over and about the bicycle incident, because he was with them at the time.

Green said they had insulted the immigrant with the word “Kissabuk” which appears to be an insult against that person’s father. He said that they had shouted it out in unison and that the migrant had started shouting but had not kicked them. He said that they had then parked the car and gone for the migrant. Green told the police that the migrant had ran away and began hurling stones which hit the car and also Green’s foot.

Apropos of the incident in February, Green said that Francesco had told him they had run over an immigrant in the middle of the road and that they had continued on their way.