More packages than letters – Maltapost services have evolved over time

In one day, Maltapost processes more than 100,000 letters and packages which need to be distributed to houses all over the island. In one year, more than 30 million letters and packages have been delivered.

In a world which has become more and more commercial, the postal service needs to continue updating itself according to new trends, especially online shopping.

The head of operations at Maltapost told Television Malta that the company needs to keep moving towards modern communication.

A digital era has taken over the traditional one and postal services also need to adapt their role.

In the week in which World Postal Day is being celebrated, traditional post is becoming less popular and today’s postal workers are delivering more packages.

The head of the Maltapost, Adrian Vassallo, said that the digital change has brought with it new opportunities in eCommerce and in this way consumers can acquire every product which they need from shops from every corner of the world.

“For this reason, the postal service is giving postal officers the necessary tools to deliver packages and we are investing in electric vehicles which we are giving to each postal officer who deliver on foot or by motorcycle, and then we give them a vehicle to help them deliver packages.”

Brexit, Covid-19 and the VAT issue  are three factors which present particular challenges with the delays which were created once the pandemic slowed down and life started getting back to normal.

“There were changes to VAT regulations from 1 July, and people were slightly afraid at first that there would be  VAT charged on everything. Apart from the fact that there will be processing fees on everything, the way the system is now, especially  if the retailer is registered as an ‘import one-stop-shop,’ the system is very easy and better than it was before. VAT is paid directly to the retailer and when it arrives in Malta, no additional expenses are incurred.”

There are around 500 post boxes spread out over Malta and Gozo, which up until now were part of our urban landscape and every day, works starts early in the morning for letters to be collected and taken to be sorted and be delivered.

Apart from this, post and packages from the airport and postal branches are also collected.

Maltapost today is employing 860 employees of whom 220 are postal officers. Neville Galea has been working with the company for 20 years and said that the contact with people on a daily basis is the greatest satisfaction for a postman.  He said that Christmas remains the busiest time.

“Christmas remains the peak time for the post office and in November there is Black Friday so the volume of work increases so I appeal to people to think ahead for their Christmas shopping so that packages arrive on time.”

New opportunities in eCommerce present a great challenge to the Maltapost’s operations, with the Head of Operations saying that the aim of the company is to keep evolving its services to respond to the needs of today’s market and consumers.