More people to find employment through LEAP project

The Minister for the Family and Social Solidary today signed an agreement with the Maltese association which helps people at risk of poverty, so that it will continue to train and help people find  employment through the LEAP project. As the agreement was being signed, it was pointed out that LEAP has already obtained its first results in the sector of social inclusion.

LEAP is a €3 million project financed by European funds which to date has resulted in seven centres which offer social aid to families in the community and has helped around 250 people who were at risk of poverty to train and find employment.

Nadine Ellul from the Ministry of the Family said that LEAP has helped to give specialized training to 250 people, and despite various social difficulties, 30 of them have already found full-time work.

The Minister for Social Solidarity Michael Farrugia said that the project would continue with the participation of the Malta Association of Supported Employment which will be providing training and help to those individuals who need support.

This association was set up last year and includes a number of government entities and voluntary organisations which work with vulnerable people. In agreement with the Ministry, by the end of this year, the association will be helping even more people integrate into the working world.

Official statistics show that in 2013, in Malta there were around 100,000 at risk of poverty or social exclusion and Malta’s target with the EU was that by 2020, this number wound go down by 6,500.

The government said that, apart from national funds, it would also be allocating 20% of the European social fund to Malta, to the fight against poverty. Minister Farrugia said that until the new projects funded by the EU were approved, LEAP would continue to be run with national funds.