More than 1,450 immigrants enter Italy on 15 boats

Over the last few hours, more than 1,450 illegal immigrants entered the island of Lampedusa with Italian authorities declaring that the number of immigrants arriving is expected to continue to increase because of the good weather.

The news agency ANSA has reported that the immigrants landed at the port of Lampedusa, one of the main ports for those seeking to find refuge in Europe.

The Mayor of Lampedusa Toto Martello told the national station RAI that there is a need to start the discussion on immigration once again.

Official studies show that in the first months of this year, 11,000 irregular immigrants entered Italy, an increase of  4,105 immigrants, when compared with last year. However, the number of immigrants is still below average when compared with 2015, when  hundreds of thousands of immigrants entered Italy.

Among the boats which entered Italy over the last few hours there was one with 400 immigrants and another with 325 immigrants which were intercepted eight miles off Lampedusa. Other immigrants managed to enter Lampedusa by means of smaller boats.