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More than 16,000 tons of illegal waste dumped in 2018

Last year the Cleansing and Maintenance Division removed more than 16,000 tons of illegally dumped waste and at the end of March this year, the Division had collected over 4,500 tons.

Director General Ramon Deguara explained that this division was committed to continue to offer this work in more locations plagued by illegal waste disposal. He also spoke about the need for this work to be carried out in tandem with better enforcement. This Division was in agreement with LESA in matters of enforcement to try to reduce such illegalities in various locations around Malta.

Currently the Division are undergoing extensive works in Tal-Papa,Birzebbuga where more than 128 has already been collected. Among other items, debris, cardboard and construction waste were found.

Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista spoke about the need for more pride and cleanliness in our country, because cleanliness affected each and every one of us in different ways: in matters of individual health, the country’s aesthetics, as well as the fact that the country was heavily reliant on tourism.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis said that this initiative continues to clearly demonstrate that the Community officials are much more sensitive to the needs of the community while local enforcement was infiltrating other important areas like the environment.

Minister Owen Bonnici said that the Government was committed to improving locations for the good of the whole community, while at the same time ensuring that public spaces were cleaner and safer for families to enjoy two and appreciate .

Whoever wants to report a case of illegal dumping or other waste may call 1718 or use the mobile app Clean and Upkeep ‘

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