More than 200 couples postpone their wedding because of pandemic

The pandemic has upset the plans of many couples who were meant to get married during this very popular time of year but who have had to postpone their wedding.  From Identity Malta statistics for the last two and a half months, we learned that over 200 weddings have been postponed because of the pandemic.

A couple who was meant to get married last Saturday did not allow the Coronavirus to get between them and got married anyway at the civil registry but postponed their Church wedding and reception twice, first moving it to September and then to July of next year, with the hope that the situation will be much better by then.

Brenda Jane Camilleri and Chris Vella have been planning the day of their dreams for two and a half years, and their date was set for 23 May. 2020. They had everything planned down to the last detail, but they never planned that they would have to get married wearing masks.

“We never imagined this would happen two months ago when we were so close to the finishing line, and had the invitations already printed. We know couples who are worse off than us, who not only had their printed invitations, but also had their wedding planned for two or three days after the announcement was made and they had to cancel everything. So all in all, there were worse situations than ours, things which you do not plan for, but that is why one has to be flexible,” said Chris Vella.

The couple, who met 11 years ago at St Aloysius Sixth Form, did not let the pandemic ruin its original plans to tie the knot legally with a civil wedding.

“We still wanted to get married and take the step we have always wanted to take this year, so we decided that for now we will go for a civil wedding and then have the Church wedding and the reception we have always wanted next year,” said Brenda Jane Camilleri.

According to statistics from Identity Malta’s marriage registry, 200 weddings whose banns had already been published, have had to be postponed. However, many others whose banns had not yet been published or which were expected to be published in the next few months have been postponed and in some cases the couple has cancelled their reception.

Between  1 March. and 25 May, 125 civil weddings have taken place, compared with 279 for the same period last year. The decrease in religious weddings is even more dramatic as from 286 weddings for the same three months last year, this year only 18 were held, probably in the first two weeks of March before the Church stopped all its functions.

Brenda and Chris explained that they first postponed everything to the end of September, however a few weeks ago they decided it would be best to postpone the Church wedding and reception to July of next year.

“Both the first time we postponed it and even the second time, our suppliers were very co-operative, and when they had dates when they were not available, we on our part also co-operated with them. In fact, we did not postpone to the month we had in month, because initially we wanted May but we gave in and moved it to July”, said Chris Vella.

While there were other couples who went through these same challenges and large expenses to change their day which they had worked so hard for, Brenda and Chris said that throughout this experience they have remained positive and that is probably the secret to why they are looking forward so eagerly for the next 400 days to pass, in order to celebrate their day in the same way they wished to celebrate it last Saturday.

“The circumstances are probably negative but one can find something positive in every situation which makes us happy and appreciate life more,” said Chris Vella.

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