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More than 6,500 gaming employees in Malta in 2017

The Gaming Authority estimates that by the end of 2017, the gaming industry in Malta was employing almost 6700 employees (6,673) full time, almost three fourths of whom (72%) are foreigners.

During the same period, the 300 operators who are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority reported that there are 781 job vacancies which have still not been filled, in other words one out of every eight jobs.

In light of this the Authority has carried out a study among the operators to better understand the challenges which are being faced to find the employees with the required skills. It was also found that seven out of every ten vacant places were at operational level and one third of the vacant places took more than three months to be filled.

28% of those interviewed said that the greatest challenge is the lack of experience, after mentioning the competition from other companies in this sector (27%) and another 21%  mentioned the lack of qualifications. Slightly more than one third of the companies said that they have organised training for their staff with the aim of addressing the challenge of limited skills.

The Gaming Authority said that over the last few years many initiatives have been taken in this respect, including the setting up of the European Gaming Institute of Malta together with MCAST in 2017 which to date has attracted almost 100 students to the iGaming diploma course, with 21 students who have apprenticeships with seven companies.

The study shows that the educational system may also play its part to address the challenge of the lack of skilled employees and a structured apprenticeship programme has been recommend for students to give them the opportunity to obtain more academic and vocational knowledge.

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