Moscow faced by new aggressive variant of Covid-19

The Russian capital is combating a new variant of Covid-19 which is more aggressive and spreads more quickly than the variants which have already spread around the world.

Moscow mayor, Sergey Sobyanin said that the city is expected to register a record number of new Covid-19 cases.  He said that in general Moscow was registering around 3000 new cases every day. He added that in a few days these went up to 7000 daily. Sobyanin said that this number is expected to continue to go up as today Moscow is expected to announce around 9000 new cases of Covid.

In the light of this, Sobyanin said that Moscow would once again impose restrictions up to 29 June. Among other measures, mass activities with more than 1000 people cannot take place. Cafes and restaurants cannot open in the evening and the Fan Zone for Euro 2020 in Moscow has been closed.